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"No one should have
to be injured or
killed for a paycheck"

~ OSHA Publication

Excellent Work Safety Services



Working - Work Safety

Our crew is dedicated to creating a safe work environment for your staff.

The Assistance Your Business Needs

Our primary focus is to prevent incidents that may lead to injuries, illnesses, damage to property, or harm to the environment.

 Our consultants help:

• Reduce Workplace Injuries & Illnesses
• Stay Informed of & Come Compliant with OSHA Requirements
• Avoid Fines for Safety & Health Violations
• Maintain Successful Health & Safety Programs
• Plan & Complete Safety & Health Training
• Improve Employee Morale & Reduce Turnover
• Keep Injury Rates Below the National Average for Your Industry

Additional Services:

• Safety & Health Hazard Identification

• Worksite HSE Supervision

• Facility Safety Inspections

• Written Safety Program Evaluation

• Technical Updates on OSHA Standards

• Hands-on Training



There is a compliance alert that states your team must be OSHA Hazard Communication Standard compliant by December 1, 2013. Read the alert here.

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