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"No one should have
to be injured or
killed for a paycheck"

~ OSHA Publication



 Peat FireX has been used around the world to stop peat fires and has now been found to be just as amazing at stopping

Cotton Fires!

Peat FireX is a dual purpose fire solution, working as a direct suppressant and also as a long-term

retardant. Developed to fight subterranean fires by breaking surface tension and coating plastics, rubber, paper and organics, it's also superior as an above ground fire solution. Peat FireX is effective when applied and remains effective for days or even weeks as a long-term retardant. Peat FireX is biodegradable and eventually turns into an environmentally friendly, natural fetilizer.

Peat FireX has been successfully tested on bales of cotton, motes, burrs, piles of tires, mulch, hay and more!

Peat FireX is shipped as a powder in 25lb. pails which can create 500 gallons of extinguishing agent. In powder form, Peat FireX has a five year shelf life with no maintenance. 



Don't take our word for it, view the video here and see for yourself!


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Peat FireX also eliminates fires in hay and other ag commodities


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